CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. We connect Latino growers with local eaters like you!

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Adelante Mujeres supports the growth of local Latino-owned farms and believes that everyone deserves access healthy, local food. Join the Adelante Mujeres Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) today!

Still accepting members for the 2018 CSA Salsa Share.

Thank you for your interest in the Adelante Mujeres CSA! We are still accepting members for the Salsa Share. Deliveries for the Salsa Share begin August 6, 2018. 

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About Our CSA

Community Supported Agriculture is a program that allows local community members to buy local fruit and vegetables directly from the source. In most CSA relationships, the produce is distributed to members in weekly "shares", which the community members purchase in advance at the beginning of the growing season.

In the Adelante Mujeres CSA, our Distributor buys local produce from many farmers, who are also Sustainable Agriculture program participants, and combines the produce into shares for the CSA members each week.

Your fresh local produce is not just the effort of one farmer, but rather an aggregate result of a group of hardworking Latino farmers dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

Purchasing CSA shares in the spring allows the farmers guaranteed sales throughout the season, stabilizing their income in the very hectic world of produce sales.


Meet Álvaro, one of our farmers. Read his story here.


By signing up for our CSA, you'll have locally grown, fresh produce delivered to a location near you every week, all while supporting local Latino farmers.

Adelante Mujeres CSA Share Options

Standard Share | 18 weeks | June- October
Seasonal produce for 1-2 people

Large Share | 18 weeks | June- October
Seasonal produce for 3-4 people

Salsa Share | 10 Weeks | August- October

About the Salsa Share

Our specialty CSA Salsa Share runs August through October, and provides ingredients and a recipe for salsa each week!

Many of our local Latino farmers love to grow peppers, onions, cilantro and tomatillos. We've crafted this Salsa Share to highlight these fabulous products and cater to local salsa lovers!

See a sample salsa recipe!


Are you a wholesale buyer?
The Adelante Mujeres Distributor sells and delivers to grocery stores, restaurants, institutions and other types of businesses looking to place wholesale orders. For details contact our Distributor and CSA team at 503-992-0078 ext 307.

For more information about our CSA, please contact us at csa@adelantemujeres.org or 503-992-0078 ext. 307.