What does Adelante Mujeres mean in English?

It is difficult to capture the spirit of the word Adelante. It means move forward, go ahead, rise up and flourish. Mujeres means women. Adelante Mujeres encourages women to believe in themselves and build skills to pursue their goals.

How do you say Adelante Mujeres?

      Adelante                         Mujeres

      Ah-Day-Lawn-Tay           Moo-Hair-Ace

Who are the participants of Adelante Mujeres? 

The participants of Adelante Mujeres are low-income Latina women and their families. The majority live in Washington County, Oregon.

Members of Adelante Mujeres share rich histories of survival, resilience, ingenuity, and talent. In spite of isolation, language barriers, and scarce economic resources, they are determined to improve their lives. By courageously facing the challenges in front of them, they embody hope for us all. 

Does Adelante Mujeres work with just women and girls?

Adelante Mujeres works with the entire family. We believe by educating the woman in a family the overall education of a family improves. We offer training and microenterprise classes to men and women.

How is Adelante Mujeres involved with the Forest Grove Farmers Market?

The Forest Grove Farmers Market is a project of Adelante Mujeres. The market runs every Wednesday from May through October. It is open from 4-8PM and is located on Main Street in downtown Forest Grove. See the Forest Grove Farmers Market page for more information.

How do I make a donation?

To make an online donation please refer to our Donate page or mail a check to us directly:

Adelante Mujeres
2030 Main Street, Suite A
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Adelante Mujeres is nonprofit organization, Federal Tax Id #03-0473181. Donations to Adelante Mujeres are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.